Sleek, Sexy and Chic lines was the theme for Brandon Maxwell’s Fall 17 runway at New York Fashion Week.

Maxwell is definitely becoming one of our Fashion Week favorites! Not only do we love the work he does with Lady Gaga as her stylist—hello SuperBowl—but he always has one of the most stylish catwalks of the entire season.

Having swan-dived into the big kid’s pool a year-and-a-half ago with his debut collection of new age eveningwear and following up with two tight, polished collections, it was one of NYFW most anticipated shows.

“Black or White” by Michael Jackson blared on the speakers as models sashayed down the runway. Shortly thereafter “Freedom” by George Michael came on. Songs that are appropriate for the times, but they also happen to provide a killer rhythm for the fiercest model walks you’ve ever seen. These happened to be some of Maxwell’s favorite songs from childhood. “There were a lot of things that came back from my childhood in this collection—crystals, fur, and leather,” said Maxwell post-show. “I just wanted to be true to myself.” And he was.

Sleek maxi dresses, cocktail gowns, tailored pant suits were prominent during the show. Luxury furs, leathers and velvets also stood out on the catwalk.

Rich tones of black, white, dark teal and red hues being showcased.

Overall, Brandon Maxwell showcased a stunning collection of simple, classic garments with a little twist. We can definitely see celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to Ciara to Gwen Stefani rocking this collection.

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