The Best Clip In Hair Extensions Ever

The hair extension craze is literally going crazy at the moment. They are like the nose job for girls like me that were born with fine, flat locks that return to their natural state the second they leave the dry bar.

Hair extensions are literally my saviour to give me that fuller, voluminous look! I mean I don’t wear extensions everyday, I normally just pop them in when I want to feel a little more glam! Normally on Friday or Saturday nights.

hair extensions

You can get clip ins or you can get them glued into strands in your hair. I’m a little scared about the whole glue in my hair thing so I just use clip ins made with real hair which is super easy to put in.

I’ve scouted around and found my favorite 3 Hair extension clip ins you should try!

See them below: 



Bellami Hair

The US based brand is run by fashionista mogul herself Lily Galichi. Hair styles range from clip ins, to tape in, pony tails and bangs. All of great quality with 100%  human Remy hair. They also have celebrity collaborations with Kylie Jenner, WWE superstar Eva Marie and also Lily too.

Bombay hair

Bombay Hair

These extensions are all made with 100% Indian hair. Indian hair has the ability to blend in with most, if not all, hair types. Not only that, Indian hair also keeps its natural elasticity allowing curls to last longer and bounce unbelievably beautifully. I have these and they are awesome and have lasted for almost 5 months so far.


Hair Rehab London 

The UK based brand have a full range of clip In extensions, salon professional extensions, synthetic hairpieces in a wide variety of colour shades and lengths. It has got great reviews by my friends who have used it so maybe when my other ones are all run down, I might switch to see how these work!


Let me know what you decide or if you already use one of these brands! 


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