What to avoid to make your outfit look expensive all the time

Money isn’t everything. However, if you want to look like you’re wealthier than you actually are, here are a few tips!

Don’t buy crazy colours.

When you buy a cheap plain black shirt, it’ll look similar to an expensive plain black shirt.

However, if you buy cheap brightly colored shirts, they can look entirely different than expensive brightly colored shirts.

Don’t buy crazy prints

Neutral colors are always in style. Black, white, grey and navy’s are the key colors. However, if you buy loud prints, you could be wasting your money, because they go out of style quickly.

Make sure your clothes fit

Unless you want to waste your time and money getting your jeans fitted, you should buy clothes that fit in the first place. It will just make you look more put together.

Don’t over accessorize

The biggest tip that I’ve learnt whilst styling is that keeping it simple is the easiest way to look classic and chic and that all adds up to making your outfit look expensive along with all the tips from above!

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