How Not To Be A Wallflower

Socially, you might feel as if nobody notices you. This is likely the case if you have a large circle or if you’re a quiet person. Although you might not crave attention or need to be the center of attention, you want to set yourself apart and stand out from the crowd. Here’s a look at seven amazingly simple ways to get noticed

Be Enthusiastic

If you want to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, it starts with your attitude. You have to be enthusiastic. The truth is, people prefer to be around those who have a positive attitude. So if you’re sitting around frowning and complaining about life, people aren’t going to be attracted to you. They’re more attracted to the person with the bright smile and an optimistic outlook.

Be Open And Engaging

Don’t expect to stand out from the crowd if you’re a wallflower. Understandably, standing out is harder if you’re timid or an introvert. But if you want to set yourself apart and get noticed, you have to put forth the effort. Don’t wait for others to approach you. Learn how to work the crowd at social gatherings – practice with friends beforehand. You don’t have to engage in deep, meaningful conversations with everyone. Go around the room and introduce yourself. Ask simple questions such as, how do you know the host, or are you from this area? These are easy conversation starters that’ll get a dialogue going.

Be Your Own Person

If you’re always following the crowd, you’re not going to get noticed. Be your own person. Let’s say you’re at a party with a group of friends. You don’t have to sit on the sidelines just because your friends don’t want to dance, and you don’t have to stick to your friends like glue the entire night. Stand on your own two feet and do your own thing

Have An Opinion

Another aspect of being your own person is having your own opinion. If you’re having a conversation with a group of people, don’t just nod and agree with #everything you hear. If you have a different viewpoint, respectfully speak your mind. Others are more likely to remember you if you contribute something interesting to the conversation.

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